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We are committed to sharing the stories of our students, staff, and programs, and keeping our community informed.

If you have feedback or would like to share a story of your own, we would be happy to hear it!

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Spartan Chat Announcement
  • News

Learn about a brand new initiative in collaboration with the SpartanTV Junior program.

West School Sunshine Task Force Smiles for Group Photo with Sunshine Cart
  • Story

Sunshine Task Force was started this year at West Elementary School to spread sunshine and positivity amongst all the staff members. They have "brightened up" the school in various ways and highlighted some of the wonderful staff at the school. We are so appreciative of the work of this group and love to see how they are creating a welcoming culture of positivity within their building.

Sycamore Youth Basketball League Coordinators 2022-23
  • Story

Have you ever visited the Sycamore High School Fieldhouse on a Saturday during January or February? Chances are you probably caught the Sycamore Youth Basketball League’s games in full swing! Read all about the league's history, involvement, and the community that it takes to support it.