November 2017 WSO Minutes

  • Meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m.
  • Approval of Agenda – Verna Tortorello (m) Michelle Tansley (s)
  • Approval of Minutes -Sept- Lyndsey Simonds (m) Traci Block (s)
        • Oct- Lyndsey Simonds(m) Nicole McRickard (s)
  • Approval of Treasurer’s Report – Lyndsey Simonds (m) Traci Block (s)

Committee Reports/Old Business


The bookfair will be open Tuesday-Thursday 8am-330pm and on Fri 8am-11am. The bookfair is going strong. The children have come in and done their wish list. There was a good turnout Monday night with parents coming in.

Butter Braids

The order forms go home on Wednesday Nov 15th in the WOW folders. The kids really enjoyed the sample of cookies that they got at the assembly. The class that sells the most will get an ice cream party. Selling dates for Butter Braids is Nov 15 to Nov 29. They will be delivered Dec 14. Pick up time is from 3pm to 4pm.

Soup Supper

This year sign up genius was us this year for families to sign up for the item that they are able to bring. Still need help with set up on Monday Nov 20th and clean up on Nov 21. Soup Supper is a dinner provided to the teachers during conferences so that they are able to have dinner. Paper supplies can be dropped off anytime this week. Food can be dropped off on Monday Nov 20th between 1 and 3.

Holiday Shoppe

With the Super Dollar store only be located in Oregon now there won’t be the opportunity to restock for the Holiday Shoppe. Going to see if they can send us double the amount of items so that we don’t run out before the last classrooms get a chance to shop. The other thought was to see if there is a store local that will help the school this year. There will be an opportunity for parents to help with the Holiday Shoppe in wrapping the children’s gifts that they chose. Signup genius will be used for this and it will open on Dec 4th to sign up. We will need help setting up and breaking down from the Holiday Shoppe. Set up will be Dec 18th and shopping will be Dec 19th and 20th.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras will be Feb 9, 2018. Still looking for business to help with donations. If anyone has any ideas for donations please let Megan Carrier know. If there is a business that will donate then we need to get them a letter 6 weeks prior to Mardi Gras so that they will donate. The kitchen chair is Leila Porter.


The cover of the yearbook was ordered. If you have any pictures that you have taken at any of the parties please send them to Vanessa Saam at The yearbooks are $9 this year and they will be in all color.

New Business

Spirit Wear

Chair for Spirit Wear is Atlee Mathews. There will be 11 choices to choose from for the shirts. There is 5 different designs to choose from. Each shirt that is ordered can be personalized. There is youth and adults sizes. Order forms will be going home on Wed Nov 15th in the WOW folders.

Principal’s Report

Had the ice cream party for the 44 children that raised over $100 for the walk of West. They had their choice between vanilla or chocolate.

Bookfair is going strong. Parents are coming during the day to purchase books which is great. The kids are all excited about the bookfair.

The computers have come in and the kids were very excited about them. They like how they run faster than the old computers. The grant was approved so the rest of the computers should be here soon.

The kids loved the cookie that they had at the assembly from the Butter Braids. They are excited to start selling.

Spirit wear is a great quality material. There is an option to get glitter put on your shirt and even after several washes the glitter has not come off. Turn around time is quick for the orders to come in once they are placed.

The K-Club kids have decided to use the vortex to sponsor Ms. Mathews in the Chicago Special Olympics of jumping into the freezing and icy Lake Michigan on March 4, 2018.

Conferences are happening next week. Teachers are using signup genius. If you are having trouble signing up you can call Mrs. Stover in the office and she can get you signed up.

The 5th graders had an awesome time on their field trip to Springfield. The weather was really nice.

Teacher’s Report

Kids really enjoyed the cookies at the assembly and wanted to know if they could have cookies everyday. Field trip to the old school house was a great experience for the children. They really enjoyed learning about the school and learned that the school house held children in Kindergarten to twelfth grade.


Scholastic dollars will be used for Mrs Lockhart’s class for her to get more books in her classroom. It was voted on that it will be $500 for her to use.


7:49 p.m. Traci Block (m) Nicole McRickard (s)

Next meeting Monday January 8, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.