November 12, 2018 WSO Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting called to order at 7:03pm
  • Introductions
  • Approval of Agenda – Verna Tortorello (m) Megan Carrier (s)
  • Approval of September & October Minutes – Traci Block (m) Megan Carrier (s)
  • Approval of Treasurer’s Report – Megan Carrier (m) Traci Block (s)

Committee Reports/Old Business

Culver’s Fundraiser
We finally have a total for the first day of school fundraiser at Culver’s. The total raised at this event was $716.77 and Tammy will be picking up the check tomorrow.

Fifth Grade Field Trip
The Fifth graders went on their field trip on November 2nd and loved the coach bus. The trip was amazing. They visited the Lincoln Museum and Lincoln’s tomb, then had lunch on the bus. After lunch they visited the Capitol and Lincoln’s home. After a stop at McDonald’s for dinner they headed home and even returned a little earlier than planned.

Walk to West
The official total raised for the Walk to West is $8003.00. There were a few expenses associated with the event including the shirts and online fees. Overall it was a great event and the kids had a great day. Our total was a bit less than last year, possibly due to shorter time given to raise money. Students that raised at least $100 will get to participate in an ice cream party. The top earner from each class gets to be the teacher. Miss Thompson’s class raised the most (per student) and earned an extra field trip. They did not want to take a field trip without the other class so they inquired about doing a pizza party (or in-school fun day) instead. This is the second year in a row that the winning classroom didn’t want to take the extra field trip, so we might need to look into alternate prizes next year.

Halloween Pumpkin Party
This was a new event held at West on Halloween. It was put on by Crossroads Church. Crossroads did all the advertising, set up and offered for all the clubs at the high school to put on games/booths. There were carnival games, multiple bounce houses, temporary tattoos and more. The kids could earn tickets and turn them in for prizes. The event was very well received in the community with turnout estimated around 150 kids. Maybe next year WSO can sponsor a booth or activity.

WSO Facebook Page
There has been lots of interest in creating a page to share WSO meeting info, event info, etc. We could even live stream meetings for those who can’t make it. Multiple attempts to contact the district for permission have gone unanswered, so we will move forward using the same format the other elementary schools in the districts use. North Grove and South Prairie both use a closed Facebook group with the board being admins. Members must answer questions and be approved, keeping posts and photos private.

New Business

Butter Braids
Kick off assembly was yesterday. Samples were donated so that all students and staff could receive a cookie. This turned out to be a great fundraiser for WSO last year and adding cookie dough was a big hit. Orders are due November 28th and distribution is December 14th.

Soup Supper
Melissa Laurie is the new chair of Soup supper this year. Soup supper is next week when parent/teacher conferences are held. Families provide a variety of salads, soups, and/or desserts for the teachers so they have dinner available to them. A survey was sent to teachers this year to see if there were other items they’d like to have incorporated into the Soup Supper. We have added beverages and pasta.

Book Fair
The book fair is going on right now. All students did a preview on Friday and were able to complete their wish lists. Family night is Wednesday from 4-8pm, which is also a food pantry night. Scholastic did provide us with some reduced price books again this year, so there are some available for around $2. Book fair closes Friday at noon.

Holiday Shoppe
Sheri Zimmer is the new chair for Holiday Shoppe. We have been in contact with Sherrie Rosauer from Super $1 Dollar, who has been our vendor for several years. Although she is in the process of selling her stores, she is still able to help us with the shop again this year.

Yearbook The cover has been finalized. It is a brick wall with neon signs. The yearbook will be all color again this year. Orders will be accepted beginning sometime in January online or cash/check until February 28th.

District’s Sustainability
Committee Leila Porter from the committee provided a presentation. The small committee consists of teachers, parents and administration and began as a recycling program. Although the committee is still new, its goal is to simply support programs at the elementary schools. Several of the elementary schools have gardens now. West no longer does a garden due to vandalism, but the committee is looking into ways to help solve that problem, so it can begin again. The committee has also been working to eliminate Styrofoam trays in the lunchroom. South Prairie and North are on a pilot program and have switched to plastic trays. They are more work for the lunch staff, but waste at South Prairie was reduced by 40% last year. A lunch staff member from South Prairie (and parent of a child at West) was present at the meeting and offered many concerns about the plastic trays and suggested reusable baskets with paper liners worked much better. Other recycling programs are just getting started, also. There are now marker recycling receptacles at most elementary schools, including West. There have also been discussions of a program for reusing shoes, which Mrs. Crawford mentioned could work in conjunction with the Clothes Closet here at West.

Portillo’s Fundraiser
We will have our Portillo’s Fundraiser on the last day of school again this year. Everyone will receive a flyer to show when you place your order. Those will go home closer to the last day of school.

Principal’s Report
Students are off next week for Parent Teacher Conferences, which will take place on Monday and Tuesday.

Staff and students were all really excited to try the cookies donated to kick off the Butter Braids fundraiser. They brought about 350 cookies, so everyone was able to get one. They brought all the different kinds except for the peanut butter ones (in case of allergies).


Donation letters for the Mardi Gras raffle will be available in the office if you know of anyone willing to donate items.

We do not meet in December.

Adjournment: 8:05 PM Traci Block (m) Verna Tortorello (s)

Next meeting: January 14, 2019 at 7:00 PM