Weekly Update: November 29, 2021

Important Dates

Monday, November 29th

  • Doors Open at 8:30 AM, School Starts at 8:45 AM
  • Lunch
    • Choice A: Cinnamon cream cheese bagel w/ graham bears and yogurt
    • Choice B: Juicy Cheeseburger
  • Battle of the Books Practice after school

Tuesday, November 30th

  • Doors Open at 8:30 AM, School Starts at 8:45 AM
  • Band lessons (percussion, trumpet, trombone)
  • Choir 7:50 AM
  • Lunch
    • Choice A: Jumbo Corn Dog
    • Choice B: Cheesy Beef Nachos

Wednesday, December 1st

  • Doors Open at 8:30 AM, School Starts at 8:45 AM
  • Return Library Books 
  • Orchestra lessons (violin/viola)
  • Band lessons (clarinet) 
  • Lunch
    • Choice A: Creamy Mac and Cheese
    • Choice B: Crispy Chicken Sandwich 
  • MAP Testing

Thursday, December 2nd

  • Late Start Thursday. — Doors Open at 9:15 AM, School Starts at 9:30 AM
  • Lunch
    • Choice A: Homemade Cheese Quesadilla
    • Choice B: Crispy Chicken Nuggets
  • MAP Testing

Friday, December 3rd

  • Lunch
    • Choice A: BBQ Pork Rib Sandwich
    • Choice B: Cheese Pizza
  • Report Cards — opened in Parent Portal
  • MAP Testing
  • Have a Great Weekend!

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Parking Reminder

Please do not park in the U-shaped parking lot for drop off or pick up.

Elementary Orchestra Concert Information

  • Date | Tuesday, December 7th
  • Place | Sycamore High School Auditorium
  • Times
    • North and North Grove 4th Grade — 6:00 PM concert(arrive at 5:45 PM)
    • Southeast, South Prairie, and West 4th Grade — 6:45 PM concert (arrive at 6:30 PM)
    • ALL 5th Grade — 7:30 PM concert (arrive at 7:15 PM)
  • What to Bring | Instrument & book or necessary music. No music stands.  
  • Concert Uniform | Solid white top. Solid black pants or full-length skirt. Black socks and black shoes. 
  • Questions? Contact Mrs. Marberry at mmarberr@syc427.org

Choir T-Shirts

Choir is off to an outstanding start this year. Thank you so much for bringing them to school early to participate in this extra curricular activity. We are ready to order our official choir shirts for our other concerts this year. The shirts will be $9.25 each. If you are interested in ordering a shirt, please fill out this Google Form to tell me how many shirts you would like to order, and what sizes. Then write a check made out to Sycamore School District and have your child give it to me or turn it in to the office. 

We will be wearing these shirts for concerts and on the days we meet for choir. If you do not wish to order a choir shirt, just have your child wear a plain black T-shirt for the concert. 

Order a T-Shirt

November Technology Update

November was a short / quick month for us. When we come back in December, we will start learning about, and working on Coding. Read our November technology update to see what we did in November.  

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Recorder Reminder for 4th and 5th Graders

Attention all 4th and 5th grade families: All 4th and 5th grade students must have a recorder that they can bring to music class every week. We have just officially learned how to play 3 notes, and it is an important part of the curriculum that students can play those notes on the recorder--not just finger positions. If you are in need of a recorder, please order one through the district's web store.

Order a Recorder

After you have paid online for a recorder, I will give your student their recorder in music class. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know! 

Miss Isabella Crawl 


Help Our K-Kids!

Help out our K- Kids by collecting and donating plastic caps and lids.

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Employment Opportunities

We currently have two paraeducator positions open here at West Elementary. If interested, please click the link below and apply. 
The District is working to fill several positions. We are seeking several part and full-time positions. If you are interested, please click the link to see what might fit you best. If you are not interested, please feel free to pass around the information! We could really use your help with these positions.

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Sycamore Youth Basketball League

The Sycamore Youth Basketball League will be starting back up this year.  Information about the league can be found online.

Learn More

COVID-19 Travel Guidance and Requirements

At this time, staff and students will not need to be excluded after traveling (domestic or international).  Individuals who have traveled should closely monitor symptoms for 14 days after arriving home.  If symptoms develop, that individual should stay home and notify their school.  It is recommended that those who travel internationally should test 3-5 days after returning. Although not required, BinaxNOW testing is available through the district to staff and students who have traveled internationally and choose to pursue recommended testing.

Student Arrival and Dismissal Procedure


  • Students will arrive at school between 8:30-8:45 AM
  • They will enter doors: W2 for K-2nd and W1 for 3rd-5th
  • Students will either go to the cafeteria for breakfast or immediately to the classroom for morning work.
  • Bell at 8:45 AM  announcements and the start of our day.
  • There is not supervision on the playgrounds in the morning or after school


  • Students will be dismissed beginning at 3:25 PM.
  • Walkers and riders will be dismissed at 3:30 PM from doors W2, W1, E1, and N1. Kindergarten and 1st Grade E1, 2nd Grade- W-2, 3rd and 4th Grade W1, and 5th Grade N1. 
  • Bus riders will be dismissed at 3:25 PM from doors W2 and W1

Reminder: If you are going to pick your child up from school please notify the office before 2:00 PM

Picture Retakes

Picture retakes will be on Thursday, January 13, 2022. 

Cold Weather

Cool weather is here! As temperatures continue to drop be sure your children are dressed appropriately for the weather. When the temperature is 60° or below, all students are expected to wear a jacket. When the temperature is below 40° students should wear winter coats, hats and gloves. If students wish to play in the snow they must have on boots and snow pants.

Also, please note that students will go outside for recess unless the temperature and/or wind chill is below zero. If you need assistance with any winter gear, please contact the office.

Vaccination Commonly Asked Questions

I have had several parents reach out about vaccination questions as our students are now eligible to receive the COVID 19 vaccine. I wanted to provide the answer to some commonly asked questions.

  • Is the school running a vaccination clinic?
    • Not at this time. Please reach out to your primary care provider or a local pharmacy. 
  • If my student is fully vaccinated will they have to be excluded from school if deemed a close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID 19?
    • No, a fully vaccinated student who is symptom free doesn't have to be excluded if exposed to a positive individual.
  • If my student is fully vaccinated can I turn in their COVID 19 vaccination information? 
    • Yes, we will enter this into the students health information like all other vaccinations.

Volunteers and Parent Visitors to the Building

In an effort to maintain the safest learning environment possible for our students and staff we will be limiting the number of visitors and volunteers to the building at this time. As part of this commitment, we will be requiring all visitors who enter the building during the school day to be vaccinated. We will also only be allowing volunteers at school activities who are vaccinated. If you are asked to be a volunteer or a visitor at our building please know that you will have to submit proof of your vaccination status to the office prior to entering the building or volunteering at the event. 

December Core Value


Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.   Empathy and kindness are best taught by example as it is not a fixed trait. Empathy can be taught and fostered. Developing a strong sense of empathy is a life-long task. When children learn to be empathetic early in their development it can lead to stronger empathy skills as they become adults. A big part of being able to show kindness to others is having empathy.

Upcoming Dates

  • December 6th — K-Kids Spartan Food Pantry 
  • December 13th — Battle of the Books Practice
  • December 13th-17th — Spirit Week 
  • December 13th — WSO Meeting
  • December 17th — 1:30 PM Dismissal