Weekly Update: May 3, 2021

Upcoming Events

Monday, May 3rd

  • Morning Meeting for all grade | 9:15 AM
  • Remote Live Times | Various
  • Spartans Read Together “Charlotte’s Web” Read Chapter 3
  • Teacher Appreciation Week

Tuesday, May 4th

  • Morning Meeting: Live video of students dumping slime on Mr. Schrader  | 9:15 AM
  • Choir 8:00 AM | 3:15PM
  • Remote Live Times | Various
  • Girls on the Run @3:15
  • Spartans Read Together “Charlotte’s Web” Read Chapters 4 & 5
  • Teacher Appreciation Week

Wednesday, May 5th

  • Morning Meeting for all grades | 9:15 AM
  • Remote Learning Live Times | Various
  • Spartans Read Together “Charlotte’s Web” Read Chapters 6 & 7
  • Teacher Appreciation Week

Thursday, May 6th

  • Morning Meeting for all grades | 9:15 AM
  • Remote Learning Live Times | Various
  • Girls on the Run  @3:15
  • Spartans Read Together “Charlotte’s Web” Read Chapters 8 & 9
  • Teacher Appreciation Week

Friday, May 7th

  • Remote Learning Day for All Students
  • Supply Pick-up for Remote Students | 9:00 AM-11:30 AM
  • Morning Meeting for all grades | 9:15 AM
  • Delivery of Supplies Begin | 12:30 PM
  • Spartans Read Together “Charlotte’s Web” Read Chapter 10
  • Teacher Appreciation Week


Yearbook information

Our West School Wildcats yearbook is almost ready to go to print!  Do YOU have any photos that you would like to submit?  Send them to: (not every photo will be used due to space/quality, etc. but we will try)

Spartans Read Together “Charlotte’s Web” Calendar

  • May 3rd: Ch. 3
  • May 4th: Ch. 4 & 5
  • May 5th: Ch. 6 & 7
  • May 6th: Ch. 8 & 9
  • May 7th: Ch. 10
  • May 10th: Ch. 11 & 12
  • May 11th: Ch. 13
  • May 12th: Ch. 14 & 15
  • May 13th: Ch. 16
  • May 14th: Ch: 17 & 18
  • May 17th: Ch: 19
  • May 18th: Ch. 20 & 21
  • May 19th: Ch. 22 & 23

Also, here is a link that you can use every night and the chapters will be read by different people each night.

Spartans Read Together

West Elementary Read a thon finale……..

Tomorrow during our morning meeting the students who read the most minutes will get to slime Mr. Schrader during a live virtual meeting. Classroom teachers will send out the link for ones at home to join in and watch. We will record this so we can send it out for everyone to watch at a later time. I saw the big bucket of slime and am not looking forward to this!

Our kiddos did awesome during the read a thon and read a ton of minutes, we are so proud of them.

Elementary Orchestra Concerts

Elementary Orchestra Concerts are Wednesday, May 19th at the High School auditorium! The 4th grade concert will start at 6:00 (please arrive no earlier than 5:45). The 5th grade concert will start at 7:00 (please arrive no earlier than 6:45). 

Due to current Covid guidelines, each family will receive two free tickets to attend. 

We will also be live streaming the concerts on SpartanTV!

Questions? Contact Melissa Marberry-

District assigned devices (Chromebooks / iPads)

District assigned devices (Chromebooks / iPads) will be collected from in-person learners the morning of Tuesday, June 1st.  We are asking that remote learners return their device the week of June 1st, with a cut off date of June 3rd at Noon.  Remote families may drop the device(s) and accessories off at the main office from 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 1st or Wednesday June 2nd, or 8:30 a.m. - noon on Thursday, June 3rd.  If you are able to wipe down the outside of your device prior to drop off, that would be helpful.   If your remote student has access to an alternate device, your timely return of the district assigned device is greatly appreciated, as it will allow staff to clean it, check for needed repairs, and update inventory so that the devices can be prepared for use in the fall.  If you don’t have access to an alternative device please return your device on Thursday, June 3. 

Please make sure that each student returns:

  • Assigned Chromebook or iPad
  • Charger
  • Case / bag

Information for Incoming Kindergarten Families:

Kindergarten Readiness Kits

The DeKalb County Community Foundation will be providing a Kindergarten Readiness Kit for all incoming students throughout DeKalb County.  These kits are FREE to all families that have registered for kindergarten.  The kits include:  Play-Doh, scissors, white board, dry erase marker, 2 dice, crayons, sidewalk chalk, and other fun items.

Kindergarten Readiness Kit Distribution - Classroom Visit

On Wednesday, June 2nd from 3:00 to 5:00 PM we will be handing out the Kindergarten Readiness Kits. Please come to West Elementary and visit a kindergarten classroom and pick up your kit.

Kindergarten Transition

Later this summer you will receive additional information about Kindergarten Transition.  That includes our back to school schedule of events.  We look forward to meeting all of the new kindergarten students!  

2021-2022  School Registration is Now Open

The Online Registration application may only be completed by the primary residential guardian. 

No payment will be taken during Online Registration. Payment for student fees will open on July 1, 2021. 

If you need assistance through the application process, please contact us by email or call (815) 899-8100.


Virtual Girls Night Out hosted by your District nurses in partnership with Northwestern Medicine will take place on Wednesday Night, May 12th.  More details will be available in upcoming emails. 

Be on the lookout for West Apparel Order form coming home with your student. 

West Elementary Apparel Order Form sample

Thank you WSO

Thank you so much to all of our parents and our WSO for making this week so special for teachers. Today, we started off with a ton of goodies in our teachers lounge, donuts, coffee, muffins, and scones all provided by our families and WSO. We are so appreciative and thankful. 

FMSC T-Shirt Design Contest

Flyer for 2021 Make a Difference DKC 12th Annual: T-Shirt Design Contest!

May Core Value: Trustworthiness - is the ability to keep promises, to be honest, and reliable.  

What does it mean to be trustworthy?

  1. Being reliable or doing what you say you will do.
  2. Doing the right thing even when it is not the easy choice.
  3. Being loyal to friends and family.
  4. Being honest in all circumstances.
  5. Not deceiving, cheating, or stealing.

Book Suggestions:

  • Swimmy by Leo Lionni
  • Big Fat Enormous Lie by M. Sharmat
  • Ruthie and The Not So Teeny Tiny Lie by Laura Rankin
  • How Could You? By Nancy Lowen
  • Frog and Toad Are Friends by Arnold Label
  • The Empty Pot by Demi



Discussion Dilemmas:

Discussion Dilemmas can be very effective for helping children wrestle with character choices. When talking about trustworthiness, try these questions:

  1. Is cheating the same thing as lying? If not, which is worse?
  2. How common do you think cheating is? Why do people cheat?
  3. If a cashier gives you too much change and you knowingly keep it, is that stealing?
  4. How does cheating, lying, or stealing affect trust? How do they affect friendships?
  5. What should be the consequences of cheating? Of stealing? Of lying?
  6. Is there ever a time when it’s okay to cheat or steal? If so, give an example.
  7. What might you do if you catch a friend cheating or stealing?
  8. Is it ever okay to tell a “little white lie” (for example, to spare someone’s feelings)? Why or why not?
  9. Why is it important to keep your promises?
  10. What happens when a friend doesn’t keep his or her promise to you?
  11. How important is it that someone keeps your secrets?
  12. What type of secret wouldn’t or couldn’t you keep?


  1. Trustworthiness video for kids
  2. The Boy Who Cried Wolf video

Upcoming Dates

  • WSO Meeting Monday, May 10th
  • ISEL Testing for Kindergarten
  • MAP Testing for 1st-5th Grade Students
  • May 11th School Board Meeting
  • May 25th School Board Meeting
  • May 31st No School Memorial Day
  • June 4th last day of student attendance

Thank you,

Ryan Schrader

Go West Wildcats!!!