Technology Update: August-September 2021

What has been going on in technology?

Activities and resources are linked throughout this post. Feel free to click on any of the links to view the activity or resource. 

In this update:

All Grades K-5

We began the year discussing expectations in technology class and talked about how to take care of the Chromebook assigned to them for the year. We used the "Taking Care of Your Chromebook" video to help discuss expectations. We also joined our technology Google Classroom where activities throughout the year will be posted. With any remaining time in our first class, students were able to create digital sand art on

Grades 3-5

Students were introduced to a new typing program. We discussed the importance of learning to type and some important rules (keep eyes on the screen, and keep fingers in home row position) to help us learn how to type with all of our fingers rather than "hunting and pecking." This is a program that students will use in technology throughout the year. Students are welcome to "Login With Google" if they wish, using the link above to practice at home — I just ask that if students are practicing, they are using the home row fingers (left hand on ASDF, right hand on JKL; and using thumbs for the spacebar). 

After introducing the keyboarding program, we began working on a Google Slides presentation entitled All About Me, using this template. Through this project, students are practicing navigating Google Slides, selecting and replacing text, inserting images, resizing and moving text boxes and images, adjusting font styles, size, color, alignment, and more! All while allowing me to learn a little more about the students. 

Grades 1-2

Students discussed the purpose of the then-upcoming MAP testing and were shown how to navigate the MAP testing platform to help students become comfortable and familiar with it prior to our first round of testing. 

Students were introduced to a resource the school purchases called Tumblebooks. The students learned how to navigate the website and got to explore some of the books that are available. This resource is also available for use at home

Students completed several keyboarding activities to help them become familiar with the layout of the keyboard and begin to be more efficient in their computer use. 


Students are working on getting comfortable using the new touchscreen Chromebooks. These devices are nice because they allow students to choose whether they want too use the touchscreen or the trackpad on the device depending on which they are more comfortable with. We talked about the different parts of the Chromebook (screen, keyboard, touchpad, headphones) and their purposes. Students have used websites for digital sand art, ABC letter activities, and animated ebooks to help them learn how to navigate the computer. We are working on learning how to use the touchpads, scrolling up and down on webpages, clicking (and dragging) objects and links, closing out windows and tabs, adjusting volume, and other general computer and webpage navigation.

Next Up

All grades will complete activities and have discussions about Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship. 

Younger students will discuss this video and play a fun, interactive, game-show-style game using a program called Kahoot to help make sure students understand the important components of Internet Safety. 

Older students will discuss points from this presentation from Google's Be Internet Awesome curriculum and will have time to explore some fun, interactive internet safety games that help reinforce the concepts discussed. Feel free to check out the resources for families for internet safety at home as well.