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Positive Paw Tickets at West Elementary School

Every Friday afternoon, students at West Elementary School listen carefully to the voice of principal Ryan Schrader over the PA system, hoping to hear their name announced. On a recent Friday afternoon, as Schrader read a list of ten names, cheering could be heard from Mr. Davey’s classroom. “Qais, Qais you won!” students shouted, cheering for their classmate, Qais K. for winning his first Positive Paws treat! 

“It’s really cool! I was surprised and confused because I did not hear my name called. I feel really lucky for winning because I only had one ticket,” Qais said. 

Students like Qais receive Positive Paw tickets throughout the week for displaying positive behaviors during the school day. Teachers and staff members who notice these good behaviors distribute tickets to students, which are then put into a weekly drawing. Positive Paws started in 2019 but was paused during the past year due to COVID-19. 

“Older students who knew what Positive Paws were, were very excited to start it again this year,” said Yvonne Morrongiello, Social Worker at West Elementary School. 

The benefits of the Positive Paws program are many. By recognizing students for their good behaviors, they receive immediate gratification from earning a ticket, learn a life lesson to keep trying and that they cannot win everything, and not give up. Ten student names are randomly selected during the weekly drawing and are called down to Mr. Schrader’s office to receive a sweet treat or small token. “It is a great way to build morale across the school and for students to keep showing positive behaviors every week in hopes to earn a prize,” Schrader said. 

Keep up the good work, West Wildcats!