January 2018 WSO Minutes

  • Meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m.
  • Approval of Agenda – Michelle Tansley (m) Jessica Spartz (s)
  • Approval of Minutes – Lyndsey Simonds (m) Allyson Cooley (s)
  • Approval of Treasurer’s Report –  Megan Carrier (m) DeDe Zilz(s)

Committee Reports/Old Business


Everything with the bookfair went well. We did $4200 for the fair. Taken all n Scholastic dollars, in addition to $220 for taking it in scholastic dollars. Hoping to do a bigger project with the scholastic dollars. Mrs Lockharts total for her books for the classroom was $546.12, including $48 in shipping. She got a lot of books for her classroom and was very happy for it. There is $4962.31 in scholastic dollars that we have. There is $212.82 that will expire on May 9th. The spring fair will be before the scholastic dollars will expire. The spring Bookfair is Paws for Books.

Looking for guest speakers to come in for the spring Bookfair.


The ButterBraids went well with sales. There were around 300 in sales back in 2014. This year we had 590 total. That was with 222 in cookies and 368 in ButterBraids. There was 59 students that sold this year. With a profit of $3494.63 that will be put towards field trips and equipment for the school. Everything went smooth with with pick up.

Holiday Shoppe

Sherry from the Dollar Store is selling her other Super $ Store locations. Might be able to get things at a discount but not able to return them. We will have to look into other venues. There were 2,026 items that sold, 5,176 brought in and 3,150 items that were returned.

Spirit Wear

There will be a table set up at Mardi Gras. There might be new items coming out soon.

New Business

Mardi Gras

Teachers will have theme’s back to the office by the 12th of Jan. A note will go home in WOW folders as to what classroom themes will be. Everyone will have a good week to get items back in time for Mardi Gras. Only cash will be accepted. THere will be no credit cards. There will be a benefit to pre order tickets/bracelets.


After Mardi Gras yearbooks will be complete. Get all pictures to Vanasse as soon as possible. If there is a lot of pictures then you can contact Vanasse to share them in Google Drive. Order forms coming home Wed Jan 10th. Order forms will also be available at Mardi Gras.

Marie Curie Scholarship

Applications need to be done soon for the High School students that attended West for at least 2 years. There are questions and a essay that need to be filled out. WSO officers will pick which one would be the best after the teachers have read them.

Principal Report

Busy couple of months. Hope the flu is out of the building. Things are doing better. Thanks for the soup supper. The teachers were very happy with it. They were eating it for days. Thanks for everyone that helped.

Holiday Shoppe went well the children were happy. If a child was sick on the day that they were suppose to go then they went the next day. This made them really happy.

Board of Education will be at the school on Jan 9th. Board members will be working on Google classroom. They will be the students and the students will be the teachers.

The 5th grade band will perform for the board members.

Mr. Williams class was the top selling classroom for the ButterBraids. They sold $73.46 per student. The top three winners will get some kind of prize.

Teacher Report



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7:44pm Traci Block (m) Michelle Tansley (s)

Next Meeting: Monday, February 12, 2018 at 7:00pm